CAW follows the happening in Chile today. We listen close to the investigation teams and the investigation commission to see how we can help. We have the contacts with the adoptees worldwide and we speak many different languages between each other. Our input has become of importance.

But we are also young as an organization and so we have to stay on top of the work we do; maintain neutrality and objectivity in order to look for constructive goals on different levels. 

As a platform we speak with adoptees all over the world. Also within the borders of our birth-country. So far we have not seen any adoption which has been dealt with regularly but that does not mean that a regular adoption would not have taken place.

Not only do we help to bring awareness to the adoptees, also to the birth-mothers and birth-families in Chile we are helping them to explain that what has happened in the past, they are not alone in their situation

Where would a vulnerable family start with their search…

Helping adoptees to be re-connected with their birth-families is a crucial part of our work. We are building a strong network in Chile in order to be of help on many levels.

Working together with the investigation-teams we made a decision to implement a secured space on this website where adoptees can upload their adoption documents so that they will be included into the official investigation. By providing this option, more data can be investigated, information can be crossed and more “dots” can be connected towards the identification of those involved. For the investigation teams this is important to get an understanding of how the child trafficking practices actually got to be so strong during the 70s, 80s and 90s. It will hopefully help to send out a strong signal into the world that these violations against the basic Human Rights will never happen again!

We cannot change our histories but we can make a difference for the future!