PDI – Human Rights

PDI – Policia de Investigaciones de Chile

The PDI in Chile has various departments. There is a division investigating Organised Crime, Murder, Drugs, Migration and Human Rights among others.

Last mentioned division, the Human Rights office is located at Santiago in the area called Providencia. Within the Human Rights department, recently, a sub-department was created. This little department consists of 5 people who are working with everything in regards to the illegal adoptions which took place in Chile.

This department is called:

“Agrupacion Adopciones”

The team consists of the following people

  • Roberto Gaete Díaz (Comisario)
  • Mario Vázquez Rubilar (Sub-Comisario)
  • Gabriela Yáñez Surriba (Sub-Inspector)
  • Juan Sandoval Fuenzalida (Sub-Inspector)
  • Sebastian García Álvarez (Detective)

They are located at the following address:

PDI Derechos Humanos
Condell 264
Providencia – Santiago de Chile

Phone: 227082198 / 2270082196
Email: adopcionesirregulares@investigaciones.cl

What does this team do?

They are working under direct order of Mario Carroza and his team. helping with the investigation of all the documents, connecting the dots and find out how the whole operation worked and functioned back in the years when it was going on.

They are the ones receiving the official complaints.

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