Paola Bobadilla

Paola Bobadilla

I am a Licensed Psychologist, born in Chile, and raised in a chilean/mapuche family in Talca.  In 2007 I went to study and work at Saint Thomas Hospital in London, UK, from where I moved to live in The Netherlands until these days. 

My interest in working with victims of injustice, repression and violence gradually developed during my childhood and youth throughout the military dictatorship of Pinochet, decades in which 98% of Mapuche and Chilean people lived in poverty, with a lack of opportunities, fear, and limited freedom conditioned to the dictates of militarism.

Those experiences marked my life, leading me to commit myself to the defense of human and nature rights. Later on as a psychologist, I joined mental health programs for the healing of victims of the dictatorship.  Those years gave me an enriching opportunity to work with people who had lost relatives and children and others were victims of torture and repression.

Paola Bobadilla – Transpersonal Psychotherapist

I met CAW at a EU conference in Amsterdam in 2018.  CAW has seen the need to actively cooperate with psychological repair to those who approach the organization.   This is how, in 2020, I was invited to collaborate with my professional expertise.

My motivation is to contribute to the reconstruction of the history of each person who seeks healing from the wounds of the past, providing reliable data suggested from my direct personal experience of having lived through the repression of the military regime, and my professional training and experience as a psychologist. 

My holistic therapeutic approach combines elements of transpersonal psychology and natural medicine, which is why I do not make use of clinical diagnosis, I do not refer clients to psychiatrists and I do not suggest the use of psychiatric medicine nor any other chemical medicine.  

I believe in natural medicine and psychology inherited from our ancestors that seeks to reconnect us with our Personal Nature and with Mother Earth, so the inherent healing intelligence that all human beings possess can be awakened.

Please find further information about myself and my way of working at my website: