CAW will this year become an official organization. Once we have obtained that status of being a legal entity, it allows us to help those adoptees who would like to be represented in the following stages of the legal process. Many Chilean adoptees do not speak the language and so this is where we feel there is a need to continue what we have started.

We have the contact with the adoptees and we speak many languages so our input is important. But we are also young as an organization and so we have to stay on top of the ball and work closely with involved investigation teams in order to be of an important help.

CAW will always try to confront its work with respect and a smile, trying to get to those hidden details and expose them to the surface. Create awareness on all levels. Helping adoptees with the language and get them to know the culture of the country they have once left, and are now willing to explore.

We are here to help !