CAW will this year become an official organization. Once we have obtained the status of being a legal entity, it allows us to help those adoptees who would like to be represented in the upcoming stages of the legal process of our irregular adoptions. Many Chilean adoptees do not speak the language today and so this is where see the need to continue what we have started.

Many adoptees today reach a point of curiosity towards their biological families. Although our adoption papers have proven to be falsified and many adoptees read that they have been abandoned by their birth-mothers: today the PDI of Chile declares that these documents are false in almost all cases they have come across with. Which makes the adoptions illegal.

Our history according to our documents is therefor not sufficient enough and we want to know our real identity. Our identities are based upon our histories. Where have the right to know where we come from and how we got to the place where we are today. If the investigation teams today have acknowledged that most adoptions were handled illegally, than our birth-families must have a different story as the one we always believed it to be.

And this results into a huge amount of adoptees who are looking for their birth-families today. CAW helps them with the support of a powerful network of volunteers in Chile and around the globe. We are all connected and we will always try to confront our work with respect and humbleness towards anyone who is willing to help us or to join us.

Today we know that all of us have a part of indigenous blood running through our veins. We are fighters. In our histories we have never given up. This is our time to get the truth onto the table. Create awareness on all levels. Helping adoptees with the language and get them to know the culture of the country they have once left, and are now willing to explore their identity and history.

“We are just getting started”

Alejandro Quezada (Founder)
Chilean Adoptees Worldwide