Chilean Adoptees Worldwide (CAW)

Is an organization realized for those adopted from Chile and living elsewhere in the world and/or in Chile in order to provide them with a platform they can relate to. 

In the 70s, 80s and 90s there has been a wave of children leaving the country due to this phenomenon and they are currently spread all over the world. 

Since some years however, it is known that lots of these children have not been left by their mothers and/or families voluntarily. As a result, today there are extended investigations going. The official complaints are still coming in on a daily basis and official numbers have past the amount of 10.000 cases. The mothers and families are looking for their children!

“CAW” is making awareness of these actualities. Not only within the community of the adopted Children but for anyone else who connected in any way and/or wishes to receive updates in regards to the current situation. 

The adoptive children are adults today and always lived a life away from their country and their families who in most parts, never wanted to get separated from their children in the first place. Through this way they are being given a voice in these times where we confront a violation of our basic Human Rights.

CAW is closely working together with selected organizations worldwide and is starting up an important work-team with those handling the investigations going on Chile. 

CAW is founded in Chile in 2018 by Alejandro Quezada and Angélica Martínez, both adoptees who lived for the biggest part of their lifes in resp. The Netherlands and Sweden. Alejandro went to live in Chile in 2014 where until today he resides.


Chilean Adoptees Worldwide (CAW) is an organization which has only recently got into activity but has some important points they pursue. 

First of all, it is an organization which strives to be a platform for all Chilean Adoptees, all over the world. Eliminating the country borders where Chilean adoptees have gone to. The idea is to unite in a single platform which so far did not exist. 

The reason to have set up this platform is due to recent developments in the country. Since February 2018, there is a criminal investigation going on led by Ministro en Visita, “Mario Carroza” of the Appeal Court of Santiago. He is a judge with a significant amount of experience in regards to Human Rights cases and is appointed by the Supreme Court of Chile to handle this investigation. 

He investigates the irregular adoptions which have taken place in the country. In Chile there is a history of babies being taken away from their mothers right after birth. However, it is not limited to babies or newborns only. We have come across cases of children being as old as 9 years when subtracted from their families. In Chile, this phenomenon is referred to as Illegal Adoptions and Child Trafficking and today we know that the whole public system in Chile was involved. 

Doctors, midwives, hospitals, social workers, lawyers and judges, the child protecting authority and the civil registry have been proven to be involved. But also nuns, priests, and even ambassadors and consuls are being identified as being involved in these practices. 

CAW is following the actualities very closely and is today connected with important work teams through the countries. We are working close with the team of Mario Carroza and his team. We are following the Investigation Commission very closely which was recently set up within the Chamber of Deputies and looks at the administrative part where the Chilean State has failed to protect these mothers and children. Why are files not on hand anymore and how is it possible that inscriptions of birth do not exist anymore so that adopted children, even within Chile, are unable to find their biological parents. 

We are speaking with mothers and adoptees who have been victimized by these child trafficking operations and with people in politics from deputies to senators. We have been invited by the Investigation Police PDI to play an important role in their investigations. The PDI receives their orders directly from the office of Mario Carroza. We are trying to be included into the realisation of a new law about to be created which will be an answer to our double identity (completely different to a double nationality). We are raising awareness by speaking with radio stations on a national and on an international level. 

The Investigation team of Ministro Carroza is identifying the procedures behind the child-trafficking practices and looks to identify those involved in order to have them stand trial. The amount of official claims received in 2018 has already surpassed the amount of 10.000 individual cases. Unofficial numbers are going as far as 20.000 cases, however, this is not a confirmed number. 


CAW is following very closely all the actualities happening in Chile today. We listen close to the investigation teams and the investigation commission to see how we can help. We have the contact with the adoptees and we speak many different languages so our input has become important. But we are also young as an organization and so we have to stay on top of the work we do, maintain neutral in order to be constructive on many different levels. 

CAW speaks with adoptees all over the world and also within the borders of the country. We have so far not seen any adoption which has been dealt with regularly but that does not mean that a regular adoption would not have taken place. We are not only bringing awareness to the adoptees but also to the mothers and families in Chile who are still looking for their children and have not been able to find them back up til today. 

Working together with the investigation-teams we made a decision to implement a secured space on this website where adoptees can upload their adoption documents so that they will be included into the investigation. This way more data can be crossed and more dots can be connected. For the investigation teams this is important to determine and find out how the Child Trafficking actually got to be so strong. 

Crossing data means that those involved can be identified. We are confronting once again a situation in which human rights have been violated on all levels. For those adoptees who wants to be involved, we have realised this platform. When an adoptee wants to find out the story behind her or his adoption, we are here to help. 

Helping adoptees to be re-connected with their birth-families is a crucial part of our work. We are building a strong network in Chile in order to be of more help on more levels. 

We cannot change our histories but we can make a difference for the future!the founders of CAW


CAW will this year become an official organization. Once we have obtained that status of being a legal entity, it allows us to help those adoptees who would like to be represented in the following stages of the legal process. Many Chilean adoptees do not speak the language and so this is where we feel there is a need to continue what we have started. 

We have the contact with the adoptees and we speak many languages so our input is important. But we are also young as an organization and so we have to stay on top of the ball and work closely with involved investigation teams in order to be of an important help.Paragraph

CAW will always try to confront its work with respect and a smile, trying to get to those hidden details and expose them to the surface. Create awareness on all levels. Helping adoptees with the language and get them to know the culture of the country they have once left, and are now willing to explore.

We are here to help !