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We have had many questions from adoptees who are following the work we do and ask us if we can help them finding out the details about and behind their adoptions. Was it regular? Because their papers say that their mothers have abandoned them, voluntarily or not, documents state that a judge signed for them to be adopted abroad so all looks legal and binding.

This is where the big challenge lays within our work. We have seen many documents and all have something in common. Little did we know, today in Chile there are various groups of people who are actually representing the mothers and families who have lost a child due to an adoption.

But why do we say “lost a child” ?

In the 1970s up to the 1990s there has been a wave of children leaving the country to be adopted abroad. Adopted abroad because in Chile we had no adoption law until 1988. (Read more about that here ) So here in Chile we have not been adopted. Many mothers have never signed or agreed to their children to leave their sides which makes it illegal, abusive and a violation of Human Rights.

In Chile we have seen situations that children have left the country after being declared dead towards their mothers. This is an operation that has simply been a very lucrative activity in which the complete Public System of the country had their involvement.

The Public System explained (but not limited to)

  • Hospitals and their staff
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Social Assistants
  • Notary offices
  • Lawyers
  • Judges
  • Register Office (Registro Civil)
  • Child Protection Authority (SENAME)

With this information on hand, it is easier to understand how our adoption papers came to be. When you know that children were declared dead towards their mothers right after being born in the hospital, you can also understand that from that point, with the public system involved, it has been the judge who has approved and signed for the child to be send away to be adopted abroad. And so the circle is round.

Read here testimonials of mothers who lost a child

Read the Criminal Investigation Report of Mario Carroza and his team (English)

Until today we know only very view adoptions in which the mother didn’t want to take care of the newborn child and actually distanced herself from the newborn. Of course, also here we have to take into consideration that there are many variations. But we have seen that this especially occurred at the higher class of Chile’s population. Women who did have a pregnancy which was really unwanted.

For the rest of the situations we have seen the following similarities in the operations of the subtraction of minors in Chile.

Mothers / families who’ve lost a child share the following similarities:

Mothers / families who:

  • were living in poverty
  • couldn’t read or write
  • lived in the countryside
  • were (physiologically) less capable to defend themselves
  • were under 18 years of age
  • were vulnerable on other levels

Or a combination of the above mentioned items. There are more varieties but these are the most common ones we came across with in our research.

Our Adoption Papers

Our documents which we have received as adoptees show also similar details. All the documents which we have been able to look at show at least:

  • We have been put as “foundling”
  • We have been abandoned voluntarily, unable to take care of us
  • Abandoned for economical reasons (poverty)
  • Abandoned as unable to live in the home-situation of the mother
  • Abandoned because we were “unwanted”
  • Abandoned because we would be a “product of rape”
  • Abandoned because our mother was a prostitute

Among other reasons as mentioned in our adoption papers.

Putting the pieces together

The reasons why we have been send away to be adopted are stated in our adoption papers. However, we now know that this information is not close to be correct because our mothers in most cases have never agreed to be separated from us. This is what we refer to as the Illegal Adoption. Today in Chile there is an extended criminal investigation going on and this part of Chile’s history is referred to as “Illegal Adoption and Child Trafficking”

  • Illegal” because our adoption papers are false, not based on the truth.
  • Trafficking” because we have been sold. People have gotten very wealthy due to these operations.

Today we of CAW are working together with the PDI. This is the abbreviation for Policia de Investigación de Chile (which is the equivalent of the FBI in the USA). Because almost all of the adoptions we have seen so far are illegal adoptions. Mothers who have lost their children are finally being heard and can now send in their official complaint through the PDI in their village or city where they live.

Judge Mario Carroza has opened a special case number through which the official complaints can be submitted. Any mother or family member who wants to submit the claim towards a child who has been “taken away” under the most strange circumstances, this case number is the way to go: 1044-2018. This will directly be submitted to the office of Mario Carroza and his team.

Who can submit an official complaint of an illegal adoption?

  • Mothers who have lost a child
  • Relatives who have lost a family-member due to an illegal adoption
  • The adoptee who has been victim of an illegal adoption

Anyone who wants to be involved and wishes to submit an official complaint can get in contact with us for further guidance. Please send us an email to

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