Family Search for Chilean Adoptees




Brief report of the information you have gathered regarding your pre-adoptive history.

Do you have biological or adoptive siblings who come from Chile? If your aswer is yes, please provide at least their original names, place of birth and date of birth.

Have you participated in search processes of your family of origin with other organizations? For example: "Servicio Nacional de Menores" (SENAME), Hijos y Madres del Silencio, O.N.G. Nos Buscamos, Chile Adoption Family Search or another?

It will be appreciated to accompany as many number of supporting documents as you can gather, such as copies of identification documents, birth and / or child-baring, copies of the judgment and travel authorization certificates, document of payment made for fees for adoption, letters sent to the adoptive parents, etc.

These documents must be sent in PDF format with a maximum of 20 megabytes.

Or as an attachment to the email ", with a maximum of 20 megabytes. (You can send a second email incorporating another file making present that it is the continuation of a previous one)