Certificado de Nacimiento

What is the Certificado de Nacimiento and what does it show

The “Certificado de Nacimiento” is the “Birth Certificate”. Every person born in Chile will have one. It shows who you are: your full name. It mentions where you are born and on which date. It also mentions the name of your mother and father (in the best case scenario) with both their RUT Numbers

This document also shows your own RUT Number. When we do family searches and we are looking for the mother of an adoptee, we start with obtaining the Birth Certificate. When the mother is indeed mentioned on the birth certificate, it makes the search more or less “easy” There are also situations that the mother is mentioned with her name but not with her RUT Number. It is simply missing. So this is one of the discrepancies that can occur.

Another discrepancy that we see is that there is no mother or father shown. That is when the challenge really starts. Because this has usually to do with a person who as a child has been adopted in an irregular way.

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